Romanian Company Hires Cat

CATBOX – a company from Romania – hired a cat for the position of Communications Manager at the beginning of this month. The feline was offered the job after a thorough recruitment process, overseen by an online recruitment company called Smartdreamers.

CATBOX first posted the recruitment announcement online on March 31, 2015. The job offer clearly stated that they were looking for a cat, not a human, to fill the position. According to its specifications, the ideal candidate had to live up the following requirements:

  1. Be a free spirit with a laid-back personality
  2. Have a positive, proactive attitude
  3. Show good managerial skills
  4. Be specialized in advanced persuasion techniques
  5. Be a cat

The recruitment process lasted for 30 days. The company received more than 700 résumeés from cats of all breeds and ages and even some from other animals like dogs or rabbits, posing as cats. At the end of the campaign, 12 of the candidates entered a one-week voting contest on the company’s Facebook page. The three cats that received the most online votes after 7 days were called for the final interview with CATBOX representatives.

“We took into consideration their social abilities, as we wanted a docile, gentle cat – we asked for a boss, not a cat to boss us around :), their responsiveness, expressiveness and overall attitude. We asked them to meow for the microphone, pose for the camera and use their paws to stamp our gift packages. Those would be the main duties of our new communications manager”, CATBOX representative Alexandra Cozac, said.

The hired cat is a Scottish Fold

On June 1st, 2015, CATBOX announced the name of the company’s new Communications Manager. It’s a 10-month-old male cat by the name of BOSS of the Scottish Fold breed. Because the Romanian legislation does not allow hiring a cat, the company signed a contract lasting until the end of this year with the cat’s owner. The feline will receive a monthly salary of 150 EURO + 50 EURO worth of cat food. All the expenses generated by the contract will be covered by CATBOX.

“Boss will be the image of a new gifts collection that CATBOX will launch this fall and he will star in all our adverts and promotional pictures. He will put his own brand on all our gift wrappings by stamping them with his paw and he’ll serve as our inspiration for new, original products”, Alexandra Cozac said.